The Tomato, our passion. The Private Label our Core Business.

We offer a wide range of organic products and furthermore we can create or reproduce personal recipes to specifications of our customers.

We are leaders in the sector of Private Label production.

La Dispensa di Campagna is an organic production facility located in Castagneto Carducci, Tuscany.
The company has been producing and marketing tomato preserves, sauces, pestos and vegetable creams with passion and experience since 1956.

Our Products

Why our products are so good.

The particular characteristics of the land give our products a unique fragrance.

The Climate

The fields have the perfect exposure to the sun: too much sun would turn the tomato yellow because above 38°C the formation of lycopene, which gives the tomato its typical bright red colour, is prevented. The proximity to the sea gives the tomato a special flavour and the microclimate favours good plant growth.

Crop Rotation

The bio-agricultural farm adopts the system that has governed traditional agricultural production for centuries, that of crop rotation, which succeeds in safeguarding in the medium and long term both the production needs of the farm and the need to regenerate the fertility of the land.


The tomatoes are harvested according to our needs, selecting the fruits with the best conditions (acidity and sugars) directly from the field.

Our Philosophy

Our aim is to transmit values such as food safety and respect for the environment in which we live and which we will leave behind to our children. We want to be an ethical alternative to large-scale agri-food production.
We believe in healthy food based on high quality organic raw materials, produced with passion and responsibility. We are a united team, respectful of age-old traditions with an eye on the future and new technologies. We love good food and the local environment.

“We are sensitive to the quality of life, we believe in promoting the consumption of organic products, stimulating reflection on food quality and promoting knowledge of the Tuscan region.”

only the best of the earth