La Dispensa di Campagna is an organic production facility located in Castagneto Carducci, Tuscany.

The company has been producing and marketing tomato preserves, sauces, pestos and vegetable creams with passion and experience since 1956.

These products deliver the best that traditional food has to offer, created for those who wish to rediscover the aromas and flavours from the past.

Attention to detail and selected raw materials.

The vegetables, fresh and perfectly ripe, sourced almost exclusively from the Tuscan countryside, are carefully processed in our production facility, where modern technology merges with traditional know-how, preserving their characteristics.

Our strength lies in our ability to offer high quality organic food, sourced from carefully cultivated and selected raw materials, following strictly controlled processes. The preservation methods adopted allow the flavours of the products to remain intact.

Production Capacity

Our company specialises in organic products. The high flexibility of our production procedures allows us to handle both medium and large quantities, and we can produce everything from the simplest tomato sauce to the most sophisticated jam.

Our modern production facility occupies 18,000 square metres and has two production lines (glass jars), enabling us to achieve daily production quantities of around 500,000 units.


Always sensitive to environmental issues, we promote environmentally sustainable consumption and development habits.

We have replaced the use of electricity with solar energy produced by photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of our facilities: 6000 sq. m of solar panels. A large financial and management commitment that we are happy to have undertaken to do our bit for the environment.

Waste water is purified with the help of a phyto-purification plant through which plants act as filters to return the produced waste water to the natural water cycle and make it available to the surrounding environment again.


We are able to offer branded and private-label products and can meet all logistical requirements for the return of goods, from ex-factory to ex-destination, through a multilingual team with consolidated experience in the export sector to the world’s largest retailers (LRO).