Origin of
Raw Materials

To produce our products, we use organic raw materials from our group company, LaSelva, and from reliable partners in the region.
The LaSelva organic farm is located in Maremma, in southern Tuscany, and has been cultivating organic products since 1980, in compliance with EU organic farming regulations. Vegetables, fruit and vineyards are cultivated on an agricultural area of around 630 hectares, as well as cereals and fodder for animals, which are an essential component of closed-cycle agriculture in soil fertilisation. The company is ICEA and Naturland Fair certified.
In the crop rotation, cereal and vegetable crops, as well as fodder and pastures, are alternated over the years. LaSelva is proof that by placing care for nature at the heart of our activities, and using its resources with respect, environmentally friendly management can be combined with a successful production process.
Only the best

We have always been based on completely organic management principles.


We have replaced the use of electricity with solar energy produced by photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of our facilities.

Checks and controls

LaSelva is inspected almost monthly: organic certificates of seeds, plants and raw materials are checked, soils are sampled; vegetables and fruit are analysed for pesticide residues before going into production.

All checks are carried out following a demanding but efficient control system.

Only consistent and uncompromising adherence to the guidelines for the cultivation andc production of organic products fulfils our vision of authenticity and offers the necessary protection to our customers.